Kim Possible:A Sitch In Time is a platformer game based off the movie Kim Possible:A Sitch In Time.This game is divided into three parts.

Part 1Edit

You play as teenager Kim Possible.

Level 1:Monkey TempleEdit

Part 2Edit

You play as kid Kim Possible in Kindergarten and and Pre-Teen Kim in the Mansion.

Level 1:Inside the SchoolEdit

Level 2:Outside the SchoolEdit

Level 3:MansionEdit

You now play as Pre-Teen Kim through a mansion with switches,platforms,and lasers.

Part 3Edit

You play as teenage Kim Possible,although oddly you start as a generic space ship in the beginning stage.

Level 1:Future ShootoutEdit

You play as a space ship in a shooter-based level.

Level 2:SewersEdit