Phineas and Ferb's Coolest Coaster Designer Ever! is a Disney Channel game based off of Phineas and Ferb.The game is based off the 1st Phineas and Ferb episode "Rollercoaster".In the game,you design a roller coaster track using various objects,then test it.

Making a CoasterEdit

Designing BasicsEdit

You can place your tracks and objects on the map by dragging and dropping them.You can select the track you want in the lower bar.You can make a track short or long.If you want it long,you'll have to press the arrow on the top right to more an inch to the next screen of map.

If you want a track removed,highlight it and drop it anywhere else on the screen that's not the map.You know you'll do this right when you see a puff of white smoke.When your done with the coaster,select "Start Ride".

Normal TracksEdit

To make the roller coaster,you start off by designing your roller coaster track.There are 8 tracks in the game(excluding left and right and speen variants)To place them down,drag them and place them on the space of the map.You can end the roller coaster by simply leaving a block of space next to a track,or making the track all the way to the end of the map.

Normal tracks are pretty slow,so there are some speed variants to some tracks.The speed ones make the cart automaticly go faster.


  1. Straight Line
    Coolest Coaster Design Ever - Rollercoaster Grid 1
  2. Straight Line(Speed)
  3. Loop-de-Loop
  4. Slope (Left)
  5. Slope (Right)
  6. Upwards Line
  7. Upwards Line (Speed)
  8. Downwards Line
  9. Slope 2 (Left)
  10. Slope 2 (Right)
  11. Downwards Loop
  12. Downards Line
  13. Slope 3

Fun ObjectsEdit

Normal tracks are boring,so here are fun object tracks to make the coaster more intresting.

  1. Portal (Warps cart to another track below it)
  2. Eiffel Tower (When cart goes on the top,it leans them back onto a track below it.More useful when a ramp is on the left side of it.
  3. Dinosaur(Cart goes through the mouth and out through the back)
  4. Tub of Water(Cart goes through it on the slope track.However,they'll have to dodge the water and the duck toy!)
  5. Elevater(Drops cart down)
  6. Snakes! Dispensor(Drops down snakes when cart rides below the despensor)
  7. Whale(Cart goes into it's mouth and water splashes them up through the air hole)
  8. Jumper(Makes cart jump when on it)
  9. Wood Ramp

Playing a GameEdit

If you want to test play the coaster,you'll have to make sure it's playable to the finish.Sometimes you'll be upside down by some track placements.

You play in a cart with Phineas,Ferb,Agent P,and Candace.You press the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.