Disney Create was an art sharing and creating website for kids and teens.It closed down on May 1st 2014.

Closing Edit

Disney Create was shut down by Disney on May 1st,2014.Before the closure,a notice was put up saying creators had a month to save their art works.The reason for the closing of Disney Create was stated in the notice.Disney wanted to expand their art games with kids,and wanted to expand the audience in apps and games.All links to Create were now defunct and the website was officially closed down.As Disney stated,they are still expanding the art audience with mobile apps and online games,but none of them are similar to Disney Create.

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Gallery Edit

Here are pictures taken of various surviving pictures left of Disney Create before it's closing.

Happy 22 Birthday Sonic! by daisydaisy0009
Have you ever done this by artist4lifeREM
Hello! by yippers

Hello! By Yippers

Nyan nyan mickey by the blue spirit

Nyan Nyan Mickey by BlueSpirit

Please read IMPORTANT by CuteClubPenguin

by CuteClugPenguin

Pixel Link by runrunrun6

by runrunrun6

Picture Gallery 1

Picture Gallery 1

Silver the hedgehog & Pichu (daisydaisy0009)

by daisydaisy0009

Picture Gallery 3

Picture Gallery 3

Picture Gallery 2

Picture Gallery 2

They kinda look alike by daisydaisy0009

They Kinda Look Alike by daisydaisy0009

Vocaloid Rin & Len by disneygirlkaley

by DisneyGirlKaly