DisneyMagicKingdoms App
Disney Magic Kingdoms is a mobile game in which you can build your own virtual Disney Parks with attractions around the world. It was announced at D23 Expo 2015, and is produced by Gameloft.

Gameplay Edit

The game is basically the "tycoon" formula, where you get to design a theme park similar to the Magic Kingdom from Walt Disney World. To expand the park, the player has to undo a curse cast upon by Maleficent, as shown by the dark areas in the park.

Characters Edit

Though the characters available in the game are limited, each character has a storyline that you can play through quests. Unlocking most characters costs magic, while unlocking premium 'extra' characters cost gems. Premium characters do not affect the overall storyline, but will begin to have their own quests after being unlocked. After unlocking a character, each character can level up by collecting the 'tokens' to do so. These are obtained by completing quests, buying with elixir, and winning in chests. Each level up will require more tokens, more magic, and more time than the previous level up. Currently the maximum character level for any character is 10, with the exception of Maleficent and Merlin , who are not characters available in the player's character book (though Merlin was later added to the characters in a recent update).

Attractions Edit

Part of the Game is to build the Attractions of the Disney Parks.