Disney Mickey Mouse Sticker Book is a Disney Mickey Mouse(shorts) game.It is similar to Farkle Nation:World Domination .

Gameplay Edit

The game is an art-book like activity.You can place stickers anywhere within the frame and resize them and turn them via drag and drop.You can remove a sticker by dragging it into the trash bin on the bottom left.Once done with a picture,press the Done button.You can print the picture if you have a printer.

Stickers Edit

There are two types of stickers:

Character Stickers Edit

These stickers are characters.There is Mickey Mouse,Minnie Mouse,Donald Duck,Goofy,Daisy Duck,and Pluto the Dog.They have them in various different poses.

Props Stickers Edit

These stickers are various props.Props are but not limited to:A banana,photo camera,cookoo clock birds,glass of a beverage,hats,a boat,etc.

MM disneysticker

Backrounds Edit

Backrounds are the locations where stickers can be placed.Once selecting a backround,all existing stickers will be deleted.Backrounds include a park,beaches,a snowy mountain,various city spots,a temple,and more.