Disney Princess Magical Jewels DS
Disney Princess: Magical Jewels is a Nintendo DS video game and was released on October 16th, 2007. It is a game where you can play as Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, or Belle and help the fairy Spryte restore the magical kingdom.

Story Mode Edit

When you start the game, you see the fairy Spryte and the crown which creates the castle. Then the Snow Queen takes the jewels from the crown, assuming power of the area while the castle crumbles. Spryte is able to send the jewels into the princesses' worlds. This is when the princesses step in. They agree to help Spryte.

To go to the next area in a level, you need to obtain coins, which power up the transporter. You may find the coins anywhere. There are also gems waiting for you about every other area. There might be goblins milling around. Since the princess cannot jump, Spryte must subdue them without going on.

Collecting gems is not that easy. There are four colors that represent each princess; Blue for Cinderella, Green for Snow White, Pink for Aurora, and Yellow for Belle. After you get a jewel, the Snow Queen collects the jewels. You must now act as Spryte and take back the gem. There is no time limit until the final round, which you will have two minutes to do this. You get points to defeat the queen by taking coins. You get frozen and lose coins if you run into a cloud or an ice bolt. If you hit a heart, you get bigger, and nothing can stop you for that period.

Along the way, you can change the background on the upper screen, which records all of you progress. You can also get a newer dress. These will make the game more interesting. The locations are based on actual locations in movies. You encounter the Stepsister's house and the Castle in Cinderella. In Snow White, you explore the cottage, forest, and gem mines. There is the castle in Sleeping Beauty and Belle's home town in Beauty and the Beast.

After you defeat the Snow Queen, the kingdom will be restored.

Minigames Edit

There are three mini games. One involves Ariel, and you have to race Sebastian to make the higher bubble stack. You can help Jasmine collect lamps in the Cave of Wonders. Also, you can try to defeat the Snow Queen like you do in story mode, there is still no time limit.

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