Kingdom Hearts:coded is a Kingdom Hearts game.It takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2.It was released on Japanese Panasonic mobile phones.The game is currently only available in Japan,however,a remake called Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was released for the Nintendo DS in North America,Europe,and Japan.The remake added several additions,such as a new secret movie,changable difficulties,multiplayer additions,and other changes to acomidate the change to the DS.

All the game's cutscenes were remastered in HD in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.

120px-Kingdom Hearts Re coded NA

Characters Edit

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Kingdom Hearts Edit

  • Data-Sora
  • Data-Riku
  • Kairi
  • Riku

Disney Edit

  • King Mickey
  • Chip
  • Dale
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Goofy
  • Donald
  • Pete
  • Maleficent

Destiny Islands Edit

  • Wakka
  • Tidus
  • Selphie

Traverse Town Edit

  • Cid
  • Huey
  • Dewey
  • Louie
  • Moogle

Wonderland Edit

  • The Cheshire Cat
  • Alice
  • Card Soldiers
  • White Rabbit
  • The Queen of Hearts

Olympus ColiseumEdit

  • Philoctetes(Phil for short)
  • Hades
  • Hercules
  • Cloud


  • Aladdin
  • Jasmine
  • Jafar
  • Jafar(Genie)
  • The Genie
  • Iago

Hollow BastionEdit

  • Data-Riku(Bug Form)
  • Dragon

Castle OblivionEdit

  • Data-Namine
  • ???(Data-Roxas)
  • Leon(Squall)
  • Yuffie


Although these characters appear in the game and/or cutscenes,they are not officially referenced in the Debug Reports.

  • Pluto
  • The Peddler
  • Cerberus

Bosses Edit

  1. Darkside(Destiny Islands)
  2. Tidus(Destiny Islands)
  3. Guard Armor(Traverse Town)
  4. Trickmaster(Wonderland)
  5. Cerberus(Olympus Coliseum)
  6. Rock Titan(Olympus Coliseum,Optional)
  7. Hades(Olympus Coliseum)
  8. Jafar (Agrabah)
  9. Jafar(Genie)(Agrabah)
  10. Pete(Hollow Bastion)
  11. Data-Riku(Hollow Bastion)
  12. Dragon(Hollow Bastion 2)
  13. Sora's Heartless 1st Form(Hollow Bastion 2)
  14. Sora's Heartless 2nd Form(Hollow Bastion 2)
  15.  ???(Data-Roxas)(Castle Oblivion)



Name Movie Based Off Notes
Destiny Islands N/A First world Data-Sora goes in.
The Datascape N/A The world Data-Sora goes into to fix bugs in backdoors.
Traverse Town N/A
Wonderland Alice in Wonderland
Olympus Coliseum Hercules
Agrabah Aladdin
Hollow Bastion Pt.1 N/A
Hollow Bastion Pt.2(Inside Riku's Data) N/A
Castle Oblivion N/A The only playable world in the game that is not based from KH1,but rather Chain of Memories.It is also the final world in the game.


Name Movie Based Off Notes
Disney Castle N/A

Only seen in cutscenes.Design is based off the world in Kingdom Hearts 2

Neverland Peter Pan Only seen in the secret video #3.
Destiny Islands N/A

This version of Destiny Islands is actually considered the real version of the world rather then the "data" version of the world.

It is only in seen in the ending cutscene when the older versions of Sora,Riku,and Kairi find and read a message sent from Mickey.(The King)

Party MembersEdit

Name World Character Appears In
Data-Sora N/A
Hercules Olympius Coliseum
Cloud Olympius Coliseum
Goofy Hollow Bastion
Donald Hollow Bastion

Theater Mode MoviesEdit

After the game's story is completed,a Theater Mode is unlocked in the game's title screen.It includes all the game's cutscenes.(Excluding the in-game text scenes)Here is the full list:

Name Notes
Opening The opening that plays when a new game is started.
Unaccountable Accounts Secret video #1.Played after Destiny Islands is completed.
Under Mouse Arrest Contains Secret Video #2.Played when Traverse Town is completed.
Beneath the Hood Played when Wonderland is completed.
A Shady Character Played when Olypus Coliseum is completed.
Maleficent's Designs Played when player finishes the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah.
What Friends Are For Played when Hollow Bastion Pt.1 is completed.
One Last Mystery Played in the beginning of Hollow Bastion Pt.2.
A Sad Memory Secret Video #3.Played in Hollow Bastion Pt.2.
Ending The ending for the game.
Signs of What's Next(Secret Ending) The secret ending in the game.Obtained when the player has collected 20 trophies.The cutscene connects the game with Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance.

Bug BloxEdit

Bug Bloxes are glitched boxes that appear in many worlds of the game.They also appear a lot in the levels of the Datascape.It plays a big role in the game story-wise and gameplay-wise.Enemies can also have the appearence of a bug blox.Although these enemies aren't too common until Hollow Bastion Parts 1 and 2.

Here is the list of the types of bug bloxes:

Name Description
Normal Blox A red blox.It can be broken with one hit from Sora's keyblade.
Hard Blox A purple blox.Takes three hits to break.
Metal Blox A silver blox.Cannot be broken no matter how tough Sora is.
Prize Blox Can be broken with one hit.Contains prizes like items or munny.
Danger Blox A blox that inflicts damage the player when ran into.It can be defeated in one hit,but it is usally difficult to brake.It appears in both coded and Re:coded,but is red in coded and yellow in Re:coded.
Bloxes that only appear in Re:coded:
Rare Prize Blox Can be broken with three hits.It is only seen in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded,replacing the use of treasure chests.They are rarer than the prize bloxes,and only release rare items when broken.When Sora revisits the location of where the blox was,it will instead be replaced with a normal prize blox.
Bounce Blox A blue blox.Another blox that can not be broken.When jumped on top,Sora will do a high jump that can be used to reach high places.This blox is only available in Re:coded.
Ghost Blox A green blox.Another blox that is unbreakable.While they are visible,they can be walked,jumped,or climbed on.However,when they are invisible,they can not be walked or climbed through.Only seen in Re:coded.
Slider Blox An indistructable blox that moves around when Sora hits it with his keyblade.
Blast Blox A blox that will explode in 3 seconds after being hit.Usually they appear in a long line,that when exploded,they cause a chain reaction all exploding at once.Can defeat enemies in one hit.
Magnet Blox An unbreakable blox that pulls you toward the blox.However,the side that's black won't pull the player towards,only the red side.
Pair Blox