Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Game) is a Power Rangers game on Power,although it used to be on,which is now Disney as of 2014.It is based of the Disney licensed Power Rangers Ninja Storm show.


You play as the red Ninja Storm ranger.You use the arrow keys on a keyboard to move and jump.It is a platformer game,and where each stage gets harder and harder.To move on to the next stage,you need to collect all the silver "lightning bolts" in the level,and then entering the unlocked door.You have 5 lives,and some levels you can find another life if you lost one.(Oddly,the image of the lives is the head of the Power Rangers Wild Force Red Ranger,not the Ninja Storm red ranger.)When you lose a life,you get a short invinsibility shield.

Enemies and HazardsEdit

In the early stages,you have normal fire enemies.They are fairly easy to avoid;just jump over them.On Level 2 and beyond,there's different sizes of fire pools.Dropping into them loses one of your lives.In Stage 5 and beyond,you get blue flames that shoot blue fire "bullets".