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Stan's Sneaky Blog is a Dog with a Blog game on Disney are two versions,the original version "Stan's Sneaky Blog",and the 2nd version "Stan's Sneakier Blog".The original version's levels are more balanced,easy at 1st level and then becoming more difficult the more levels.The 2nd version's levels are more difficult but can still be beaten by beginner players.

All though the gameplay is both the same between versions,the 1st version uses images of the actors from the live action show,while the 2nd version uses the "cartoonish" look of Stan and the family.Levels from the 1st version are redone in the 2nd version along with the new cartoon look.


Gameplay is the same for both versions.

Stan's Sneaky BlogEdit


Stan the dog has a unique talent:he can talk!

He also loves to blog about his daily activities on the computer.Only Tyler,Chloe,and Avery know Stan's secret talents.

Be careful-other people(including parents Bennett and Ellen) can't see Stan doing "un dog-like"things.Help Stan collect what he needs for his blog without blowing his cover!


Level 1:A simple,square level.Ellen is the only "searcher".Mission:Read a book and blog on the computer.

Level 2:Mission:Listen to music and update your blog.